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Long-Term Care & Disability

Cover the Cost of Long-Term Illness and Disability

A physical injury or a debilitating medical condition could result in expensive bills for medical and daily care. Zylinsky Insurance Agency can help you cover these types of costs with long-term care and disability insurance. We can make sure you have the coverage you need to avoid financial difficulties.

Care Worker and Lady in Wheel Chair

Long-Term Care

Long-term care insurance helps pay for care when you can no longer care for yourself. This type of coverage also protects your family's financial future, your investments, and savings. Additionally, long-term care insurance allows you to receive care in an assisted living facility or nursing home if needed; and home health care services in your residence.


Receive an income if you are unable to work due to an accident, illness, or maternity leave with the aid of disability insurance. This type of insurance can be purchased on an individual basis or as an employer-sponsored benefit. We are not carrier specific, so we can offer a variety of options to our clients for their disability insurance.